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Taiwan Sinto is a quality-oriented company

Taiwan Sinto abide by the faith of customer commitment and environmental friendly.
We commit to produce products which meet or even exceed industry standards,provide accurate delivery,and reliable quality to customers.

Taiwan Sinto Team

Taiwan Sinto is honored to be one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, with a professional team producing, supplying and exporting high-quality steel ball and gravel.
We strictly control the purchase of raw materials, manufacturing, quality control, finished products, packaging, and transportation, in order to provide customers with the highest quality products.Our material engineers and technicians have extensive experience and professional knowledge, and use professional laboratories to carry out various quality monitoring to ensure that the highest quality products are delivered to customers.


Leadership and Team Accountability

The achievements and development of Taiwan Sinto can be attributed to every member of the team.
We treat every employee with equal respect and at the same time they return to the company in a responsible manner.
Based on this, we can better ensure the quality of the products we produce and supply.


Although we have provided the highest standard products in the industry, we have not stopped R&D and innovation because of this. Using our rich science, technology and experience, we can continue to provide customers with innovative services and more efficient solutions.

Quality Assurance

Taiwan sinto steel shot, steel grit and steel grit for cutting stone is based on the following data for testing;
  • metallographic examination 
  • Life detection
  • Detection of chemical composition and physical properties
  • Density detection
  • Hardness testing

Since its establishment, Taiwan Sinto has followed the strict production guidelines of ISO 9001, ISO 11124-3, SAE J827, J444, and J1993.

Highly customized manufacturing and shipping

TAIWAN SINTONG MACHINERY CO., LTD. has a high degree of customization ability to meet all customer needs.

Over the past 50 years, we have never lost our trust in our customers; we have done our best to meet the needs of our customers, so as to become a high-quality supplier in your mind.
We manufacture in accordance with industry standards to ensure that the products can meet the needs of customers; and can be effectively used in different industries.
Taiwan Sinto strives to provide steel balls and gravels that meet the specifications required by customers, while complying with delivery dates and having competitive prices.

Your reliable steel ball and steel gravel manufacturer and supplier

We have been operating in the industry for more than 50 years and have rich experience in serving customers at home and abroad. We use the latest technology from Japan's Shinto Group and advanced process equipment for production to ensure our quality standards.

Reasons why you should choose Taiwan Sinto:
  • Competitive price.
  • Products that comply with international standards.
  • 50 years of rich professional knowledge and service experience.
  • Customized products can be provided according to your requirements.
  • Asia's industry leader.
  • Accurate and free samples are provided as scheduled.

Quality specification

Steel Shot I International Standard Specification
Steel Grit I International Standard Specification
Steel grit for cutting stone I International Standard Specification

Best Quality

Quality is the consistent insistence of Taiwan Sinto.

We can provide customers with the best quality products and services in a timely manner.

The production process strictly follows the ISO 9001 guidelines, and the products comply with international standards such as SAE J-444, J-827 and ISO 11124-3.
The quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.It is our pride to be able to provide our customers with the highest quality steel balls, steel gravels and steel gravels for stone cutting, and our products meet or exceed SAE standards.

In order to ensure the most stable quality for customers, we actively increase the screening range to ensure the consistency of particle size, and also strictly maintain the stability of density.