Social Welfare Initiatives- Taiwan Sintong’s support for local community
Our guiding principle is to "Take from society, Use for society," and we are dedicated to making a positive impact by participating in various charitable activities. By doing so, we actively fulfill our commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, while fostering community development and becoming good neighbors in the local community.

Last year, we organized two plogging events at local beach. This year, we extended our support by actively participating in the local Guanyin Kindgarden Bakery's Mid-Autumn Festival gift box initiative, providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We hope to create a positive and lasting impact on society, promoting a cycle of goodwill.

Through the organization of various social engagement activities, we encourage our employees to voluntarily participate in philanthropic endeavors, fostering a culture of proactiveness and volunteerism. We understand that true corporate responsibility extends beyond the boardroom, and we are committed to being an active and responsible contributor to our community and society as a whole.