Taiwan Sinto is the only steel ball and steel gravel manufacturer in Taiwan, and can provide products in real time according to customer needs.

  1. Standard items ship the next day after ordering; can be delivered within 48 hours.
  2. Special specifications are subject to process time.

Taiwan Sinto is a supplier and manufacturer of high-quality steel ball and gravel, with 40 years of professional service experience in the industry.Quality is the consistent insistence of Taiwan Sinto. We can provide customers with the highest quality products and services in a timely manner. The production process strictly abides by the ISO 9001 guidelines and ISO 11124-3 and other international norms. And in 1997 obtained ISO 9001 certification.

The composition, shape and particle size of high-quality steel shot and steel grit produced by Taiwan Sinto conform to SAE J-827 and J-444 international standards.All our products are subject to strict quality control and testing, and relevant test reports can be provided according to customer needs.

Taiwan Sinto and Japan Sinto Group support each other in technology. If you have any operational or technical problems, please contact us, and Taiwan Sinto can quickly provide you with relevant suggestions and solutions.

We currently offer paper bag packaging (25Kg/bag), iron drum (900Kg/barrel), space bag (1 metric ton/bag) and other options.
For special needs, please contact us.

We are committed to providing customers with environmentally friendly products and reducing all possible pollution in the production process.
Taiwan Xindong uses recycled steel as raw materials to reduce energy consumption in the production process, and packaging materials are made of recyclable materials, thereby reducing carbon emissions.
In 2015, the traditional halogen bulb was replaced by the high natural light irradiation method, which successfully saved 73% of lighting power consumption.