All production processes in Taiwan Sinto comply with relevant regulations on wastewater treatment. Steel shot and steel grit require a large amount of water for granulation and screening during the manufacturing process.
We recycle 100% of the waste water generated in each production process, and reuse it to achieve the purpose of saving water.
Wastewater treatment

Our Wastewater Recovery System

The sewage generated in the production is circulated and filtered through a 160,000-gallon (5,000-ton) sedimentation tank, and then cooled by four huge water coolers. 
The treated sewage can be reused. Through this recycling system, we can effectively save water. And environmental protection and energy saving.

Conserve Water

Steel shots and steel grits require a lot of water in the manufacturing process, so we attach great importance to sewage treatment and recycling.

We do recycle sewage in every production step to prevent contamination of other water sources with harmful substances and other adverse effects.
With the decreasing global water resources, water becomes more important and precious. We protect water resources through sewage treatment equipment and constantly seek more efficient use methods.

Sustainable Environmental Protection Policy

As a leading manufacturer of steel shots and steel grits, Taiwan Sinto spares no effort in maintaining sustainable environment and corporate social responsibility.Since the establishment of the factory, we have refined the process and equipment and continuously researched better production methods to protect the environment.

In the future, we will go one step further and seek to reduce water consumption and environmentally harmful pollutants in the production process.