Projection steel manufacturing has a high demand for energy sources such as water and electricity.

As an industry leader, Taiwan Sinto has 50 years of production experience.We understand the environmental impact of production, so we do everything we can to reduce these negative environmental impacts.
Give back to the community

Corporate Social Responsibility

As the only steel shot and steel grit manufacturer in Taiwan, reducing power consumption has always been a priority for Taiwan Sinto (especially in the projectile industry that consumes a lot of energy).
The first step we take is to protect precious natural resources and the environment.
According to the requirements of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the electricity consumption needs to be reduced by 1% every year from 2015 to 2019.
As a company that has been engaged in the production of steel shot and grit for 50 years, we attach great importance to this issue. With the growth and progress of the company in recent years, Taiwan Sinto has been able to give back to the society, especially through environmental protection and carbon emission reduction to achieve this. Target.

Saving energy and protecting the environment are our goals

Taiwan Sinto has a high demand for energy, and the Industrial Research Institute recommends that the annual energy saving must be higher than 1% compared with the previous year.

According to this suggestion, by improving our process equipment, we will be able to save energy by more than 1% in the future. Equipment improvement can not only protect the environment and save natural resources, but also reduce our energy costs; For example: We recycle the sewage generated in each production link and recycle it, which is of great help to the protection of water resources and the reduction of water bills.

Taiwan Sinto not only produces and provides the best steel shot and steel grit, but also strives to reduce the harmful effects that may be caused to the environment in all production processes, so as to give back to the society and create a sustainable environment.