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Jun. 1966
Aug. 1967
  Conditional negotiation between Sanyo Metal Works Co.,Ltd and Treasure Island Trading Company (TITC)
Aug. 1967

The capital alliance agreement of the three companies, Sinto, Sanyo Metals & TITC, has been signed.

Incorporation Founder :

  • Sinto Kogyo:Yoshiyuki Nagai (President),Yoshio Okada (Director), Yuzuru Nagai (Director)
  • Sanyo Metal:Chin-Hsian Yan (Chairman of the Board), Chao-Bang Yan (Director)、Chen-Sheng Chiu (Director)
  • TITC:Ban-Ying, Chen (Chairman of the Board)

Nov. 1967
  Establishment of the joint venture is approved by Taiwan Government.
Feb. 1968

Foundation General Meeting was held. Paid-up Capital was NT$ 1.5 Million. Mr. Chin-Hsian Yan was inaugurated as a chairman of the Board, and Mr. Chao-Bang Yan was inaugurated as an executive director.

Investment Ratio:

Sinto Kogyo : 51%、Sanyo Metal : 33%、TITC : 16%

Mar. 1968

Establishment of the joint venture is approved by the ministry of Economy. This day became our founding anniversary.

Mar. 1985

Nagai Foundation was established.(later was changed as Nagai .Yan Educational Foundation)

Mar. 1994
  Mr. Ying-Tzung Yan was inaugurated as a chairman of the Board.
Oct. 1994

Mr. Chao-Bang Yan won Nagai Award.

Jan. 2004
  Jiangsu Taishintong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was found at Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, China.
Mar. 2013

Founding 45th anniversary (Cosmos Hotel Taipei)

Oct. 2013
  Purchase and transfer of the factory in Guanyin Taoyuan was officially completed.
Nov. 2013

The 67th anniversary of Industrial Festival Celebration was held at the Yuan-Shan Grand Hotel, the company was awarded as a “40-year long term contribution vendor ” by the ministry of Economy.

Oct. 2014
  Taiwan Shinto and TAIWANABRATOR invested and established a joint venture in mainland Chian, “Jiangsu Taishintong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.”, were approved by the boards of these two companies.
Dec. 2014

The new building construction ceremony of factory in Taoyuan Guanyin were held by President Yan at 10:00 am.

Sep. 2016
  The opening ceremony of new factory and office building of Jiangsu Taishintong were held by President Yan at 10:00 am.